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New Schools Resources for LGBT+ History


They’ve been a long time in the making, but we are now proud to present our new LGBT+ history schools resource pack! The resources were developed by Nate Eisenstadt and Helen Foster as… Read More

Know Your Bristol – Map Your Bristol!


Check out our new short film showcasing the breadth of Know Your Bristol on the Move and giving a feel for what it has meant for us, our community partners and some of… Read More

3 BIG Questions — 3 Short Films


In this new animation series, co-produced with Calling the Shots, we present three short responses to the key questions that have underpinned Know Your Bristol on the Move: What is Co-production? This has… Read More

Evaluating Co-production


‘Co-production’ is an increasingly popular term and approach within academic research and public service delivery. Most simply, co-production is what happens when we make things together, be those things research, museum exhibitions, archives… Read More

Know Your Bass


In the 1970s and 80s small underground clubs and regular house parties provided a necessary avenue of expression for a bubbling African Caribbean music culture that was still not welcome in many mainstream… Read More

Why Map? – Reflections on Cultural Mapping from Coimbra to Bristol


I write this post this from a moving train. This is a space that is at once confined by steel lines stapled to heavy oak sleepers, whose duration is limited by timetables beyond… Read More