Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Video Blog 2: Bristol Record Office


Know Your Bristol On The Move are looking for volunteers to help with the research around the Vaughan Collection.

Risky Histories


Writing the history of activism is a risky business, not least when activists themselves are at the forefront of constructing their own historical legacy, recording their experiences not for the sake nostalgia,  but through… Read More



During my period of research leave in Vancouver, Canada, I joined the Audio-Visual Heritage Association of British Columbia (AVBC).  AVBC is a non-profit society established to promote and facilitate preservation, conservation and public… Read More

Video Blog 1: SPAN at M-Shed


The SPAN project team are making an exhibition about the history of women’s work in the local area. To get an idea of what makes a good exhibition, the group went to visit… Read More

Knowle West TV


                      We’re getting excited about the first workshop in the Knowle West strand of the project. On Monday, 17 March, we’re meeting at… Read More