Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Postcards of Bristol from yesteryear


Did you know that Know Your Bristol On the Move has access to over 8,000 postcards of Bristol, images that hold fascinating stories of Bristol’s past? We have postcards of famous people of… Read More

Bristol’s history of anti-apartheid


The passing away of Nelson Mandela last week has sparked profound discussion around his place in the history of the campaign against apartheid and ongoing struggles for racial justice. Although some have noted… Read More

Revisiting value


My first post on the Know your Bristol project focused on memory and its value.  So it’s quite fitting that, nearly two years later, I’m returning to the same thoughts about what we… Read More

Inspiring Projects


We’ve started to put together a list of inspiring projects that might give some practical ideas and inspiration for engaging and connecting communities during On The Move. Please do suggest more and we’ll… Read More

Digital Storytelling


Cheaper and better quality digital cameras, scanners and computers in the mid 1990s led to an explosion of more democratic content creation. The BBC led the way with Video Diaries, using small Hi-8… Read More

Digital Media Training


As discussed with a few project leaders, Calling the Shots is happy to give specific training in all aspects of digital media to leaders, students or communities as part of the project. We… Read More